Python (version >= 3.6) is required.

The library is currently tested for running on Windows. Portability on other OS (iOS and Linux) is being tested.

PyGMQL package is required. Follow the instructions at this link to install it and to known more about it. PyGMQL can be used in two different ways: either locally as any other computational library, or through the connection to a remote server. In order to use it through a remote server, loggin in to the remote service is required. You need to configure PyGMQL by specifying the address of the remote server you like to use (the Web service offered by the GeCo group at Politecnico di Milano can be found here and then loggin in into the system. The links to follow for the installation and configuration of the library are: installation and remote data management.

Installation using PIP

The package (available on PyPI) can be downloaded and installed directly in your Python distribution using:

pip install genereg